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Mastering: $25-50/track

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Custome Music, Jingles, Scores, SFX, Beats, Your Song With a Live Band! 





Regular business hours are from 11 pm to 7 pm Mon.-Fri. We are open 24 hours by appointment.

Hi everyone, at this time we are not able to do any RECORDING, however, we are doing MIXING and MASTERING.  We do not have a facility, so there is no way for us to record you.  We are working on that frantically.  So for mixing, you would email us the tracks.  For mastering, the same.  If you are looking to get a hold of Keith, Adrian, or Rocky, you would have to contact them directly.  Also, projects that come through this website will be done by Jim Callahan the owner.  So that is the bad news, the good news is we can save you some money because our overhead is lower.  The photos and address on here are not up to date.   Thank you so much and look forward to working with you in the future.


At this time, we are trying to find several locations around the country, so we have many facilities, and adding things like a record label, distribution, and artist development.  So it is taking us longer than we thought.  In the end, we hope to be more than just a recording studio, but a vehicle that helps make dreams come true.  


Heres the old add copy"  Jupiter Studios Is A St. Louis recording studio that has been in business since 1992.  We have always offered high-quality recordings at the cheapest rates we can afford.  We are a professional facility, we are not a basement studio. We have seen many music styles come and go, however, we are always up to date with the latest styles.   All people and all styles are welcome at Jupiter Studios.  We were one of the first studios that recorded rap and hip-hop. We did it when no one else would, and we still do it today, along with bands, solos, and combos of all shapes and sizes from Metal, to Blues, to Irish Folk.  You name it, we can record it.