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Please note, we are not recording at this time.  We can mix and master prerecorded projects, and make custom music for commercials, film, video, jingles, etc.  Though we have been doing lots of music including some of the best HipHop in St. Louis, we are not making Hip Hop beats at this time.
In Short, we do not have our recording facility, and the control room is at home where we do all the corporate and commercial work.  



Jupiter Studios is one of St. Louis' longest-standing professional recording establishments. We've been providing out-of-this-world recording experiences since 1992, and we're not stopping any time soon. Our environment is relaxed enough to be comfortable, but designed to provide only the most professional recording experience. Both our Studio A and Studio B were meticulously constructed to provide optimum sonic dampening for the cleanest mixes and masters. We guarantee that you'll leave satisfied that your music is no less than radio-ready. 


"Creativity takes courage."


- Henri Matisse

Jim Callahan first opened Jupiter Studios in 1992 in his basement with 4 maxed out credit cards, because of his passion for creating and recording quality music. He's an incredibly talented producer, audio engineer, and entrepreneur, and looks at every challenge as an opportunity for positive change and progress. It's this attitude that's led him to earn multiple awards for production and recording, and what makes him such an important leader of the Jupiter Studios team. 

Jim Callahan



Premium Mastering Engineer

Location                7420 Manchester Rd, St. Louis, MO 63143