Internship Opportunities

Want to be an Intern at St. Louis’ premier recording studio?

All of our interns are introduced to Jupiter at the ground level and work their way up after proving responsibility and dedication to the company and industry. This is an unpaid position.

An intern is responsible for maintaining the studio and it’s daily operation and appearance, assisting engineers in recording sessions, and working with our flyering program to promote Jupiter in our target markets.

We get a lot of calls from people wanting internships here at the studio. It seems the reason most people want to do this is because they want to learn, gain experience, or the school makes them do it. I am setting up this page to clarify expectations and explain what an internship entails.

What is an internship?

An internship is the exchange of free services for the ability to gain some experience. In the studio business it is the best way to get started because without customers or experience you will not be able to accomplish much.

What we expect.

We expect You to pick one to two days a week that you will work and show up on time, and commit to those days. For example, Monday is your day. We will not hire another guy for that day so we will count on you to be there. You will need to work an 8 hour day. No less. Sometimes the studio is slow and you might be the only person there. You will need to keep yourself working. We sometimes go back over the security tapes just to see how much movement an intern gave us. For you to treat this as a real job. To not take time off for another job. Unless you are very sick we expect you to work around this schedule the same way you would if you worked at any other company. We expect you to clean, help, work and do projects that we assign without having to be told. We want you to be a self starter. We do not want to baby sit you. Meaning we will give you a list of things to do, and you will be responsible to do them. We will not walk around after you and tell you if you did good or not, we will just notice it. If your job is to distribute flyers, and we see no flyers where you said you were at, we will eventually find out and then we will be done working together. This policy will be the same in regard to other responsibilities. As an intern you will help clean, answer phones, run errands, set up and break down for sessions, keep the studios working etc. We will also ask if you have any skills and work with them. For example if you are knowledgeable in graphic design, you might be asked to use that skill, or if you have experience in construction, you might help us paint etc. We expect you not to come in drunk or high or hung over. Done. Availability for 8-16 hours a week. It’s a bonus if you have flexible availability as you may be called in for special late night or weekend help with sessions. A strong desire and dedication to work in the music and recording industry. Must be available for a 3-6 month period of time. Extremely responsible. Have reliable transportation.

What you get.

Experience. Whether you think you are getting it or not. Just by being here, you will soak up all sorts of information and trade secrets which we have gathered over 20 plus years. As the owner, I can tell you it took me around 6 years to figure out the audio business because I did not go to school and did not intern. But I was in my 30s with two kids, and it cost me years of my time. This is a chance to understand the industry, but we will expect you to work. As said before, this is an exchange.

How it works.

For us this is what we expect from an intern: We don’t really care if the person has experience or not, because we have seen people who have different types of education (or no education) become different levels of audio engineers. I will say, however, that people who play an instrument and have experience in music transition better to being an audio person as opposed to a guy who is just a DJ or just a music fan. So what we look for is people who are reliable, that we can trust, who don’t sound like idiots on the phone, who will work the entire time.

In Conclusion.

Getting experience is hard in this industry and going to school costs a lot of money. You will get experience in exchange for work. We don't want to get shortchanged. In summary, we want you to show up, work hard, and do a job and we don't want to babysit you. If you are interested in an internship please send your resume to and contact our studio manager jay to set up an interview. Were fair and we will treat you like a person here and never will we ask you to do something that we wouldn't do ourselves.

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