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When you're involved in such a competitive field supplying all audio needs, you must stand out. You'll ask yourself, what will set you apart? Will it be your affordable pricing, your talented engineers, your location? Here at Jupiter Studios we pride ourselves in incorporating all of these in one. You will not only find yourself in the hands of some of the most experienced, and gifted engineers in Saint Louis, but you will leave satisfied having been taken care of by professionals who know how to treat their valued clientele. Because of our sense of professionalism, and our unending dedication to providing our artists with the very best product they can receive, we have decided to change our prices to better reflect this. Our Recording Prices will now be $50 an hour. If you're looking to book an eight hour block, those hours will be charged at $45 dollars an hour. If you're wanting to book for ten hours, it will only be $40 an hour. So come to Jupiter and see why we've been around since 92, and experience the quality of service that we've been known for, and that our prices now reflect.

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