Jupiter Studios Audio For Of Dragons Ferries and Wizards 2017 hot new toy line out of St Louis Mo.

Jim says, we just got done with sounds for the first round of toys. It includes over 150 music, voices, SFX for the new toy line Of Dragons Ferries and Wizards. This toy line is cool, it's going to be the hot toy for 2017.  And more is in development.  

There are five magic wands that each have an ipad one chip in them.  So there is lots of memory.   And each one had about 100-150 3-25 second video and audio beds we created original custome music and sfx for.  Created wrote mixed mastered and optimized the sound for toys.  So that is 500-750 mini movie tracks.    It was a ton of work and we have been working since feb.  of 2017

See them at http://www.wizard-Wand.com

What makes this toy so unique is the fact that it has a video screen on a magic wand.  The Ferry or dragon for boys, twlks to you.  And teaches you how to use it.    You flick or swish the wand to interact with it.    As an example she says. Lets learn the rainbow spell. Go flick flick swish.   As an example.  If you swish and flick, and get it wrong, she says sorry etc.  if you get it correct the wand lights up, music plays,  and thats the spell.  As you get better you can go on adventures.   Its fricken cool.   There are two screens, one with the face and the other going up the wand, plus, and led rgb light on top.   The screen is super detailed too.     

Two for boys three for girls.   And as if that was not genious enough, you can buy a house and learn how to cast the ferry or dragon out of the wand and into the house.  And there are adventures in the house.   It recharges with a simple usb cable.  Its a high teck toy that phyical.   More than a stare at the screen video game.   

Jim and Adrian did rhe work from seperate location via text and phone and Dropbox plus a server plus a status chart for every one of the 500-750 sound bites.  Progress notes like music made ready for sfx.   Every sound had to be named in a naming convention as an exaple.   

Boys Dragon red spell lighting V3

We did a lot of 18 hour days. 

So after all this audio work, I finally got to go to the store and buy one.   Said Jim.   One would think they would give ya one however, the toy is too hot and they are out the door as fast as then come in the office.  Plus its comlicated, you know, marked here in St Louis, offices over seas, factories in other places, an order is made and shipped direct to Toys R Us etc

Jim said, So I went to the store, and they are almost all gone all ready.  And they are hard to make.  So, there is going to be a shortage by Christmas.   A hot toy with a shortage means, a lot of sad kids and parents on Christmas morning.   Entrepreneurs should by now, stock up, sell on ebay in December.   Look for Of Dragons Ferries And Wizards.    The company designing them is Cepia here in St Louis

Go to http://www.jupiterstudios.net

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